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Laser cut 1/8 Baltic Birch power carving templates created to make your carving life a little bit easier and faster. Just lay the template down on the piece of wood and trace out the shape on your material.

Shaping these herb strippers is a quick process with mini angle grinders and carbide burrs, I have a YouTube video you can watch here to see how I created mine.

I recommend if you are not using a drill press or machine to drill these to pre-drill your traced out material first before cutting the shapes to reduce the chance of the wood splitting.

The goal is to angle the bottom of the knife to make it a scraper, to do this I shaped them with my angle grinders, you can also used a table saw or belt sander. I shaped the other edges with the grinders as well, you could also use a router to speed up the process.

The holes are used to pass the herb through and remove the leaves from the stems, the angled area you can used to scrap the area clean.

After these where sanded and shaped I went in and soaked them with food safe Walrus Oil and then Wood Wax once cured. This makes them nice and soft and easy to handle.

Have a question on the templates or process, please feel free to reach out to me at

These designs can be used for personal projects or commercial projects for sale. However, you can not resell or distribute the designs themselves.

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